10 DIY projects you can finish in a weekend

As our time at home continues, we’re in our spaces more than ever, and some might be looking a bit dull or in need of a breath of new life. Without having to travel too much for supplies, here are 10 easy projects you can accomplish this weekend.

1. Build a window planter box.

Small on cost but big on impact, bring some color to the exterior of your home and enhance that curb appeal with a flower planter.

2. Update your photos.

You’ve already made that fabulous wall collage, but when was the last time you updated the photos in the frames? Go through the photos on your phone and have them shipped to your home with just a few clicks.

3. Swap out the knobs on cabinets and drawers.

It’s amazing how new hardware can completely transform a space. Choose a new classic pull, such as brushed nickel or satin brass, or express your personality with something more unique, like these knobs from World Market.

Photo courtesy of ScandinavianWorkshop

4. Paint an accent wall.

Nervous about committing to a paint color? Choose a small wall to paint instead, and it’ll bring new life to the entire space. An accent wall can be used to anchor a room and become a new focal point. Or, if you’re unwilling to paint, try one of these removable wallpapers. If you have any leftover, update the backing of a bookshelf between the shelves — or even the front of drawers.

5. Freshen up baseboards/trim.

Not the most exciting job around, but grab a cloth and dust those baseboards that usually don’t get a second glance. Follow up the dusting with a new coat of fresh white paint, and you’ll quickly brighten up any room. A great go-to color is Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White.

Photo courtesy of StickPretty

6. Peel and stick tile for backsplash or countertops.

If you’re in a rental or don’t want to take on an entire kitchen renovation, consider this contact paper that is both affordable and removable, so when your lease is up or your mood changes, you can easily take it off.

7. Update your bathroom tile.

Similarly, you can update bathroom tile with these great decals that are cheap and impactful.

8. Try a new furniture layout.

Without spending a cent, consider rearranging the furniture in your den or bedroom. Reposition your couch, bed, and television to give you a fresh new view.

9. Bring the outdoors in and freshen up your space with hanging planters.

Whether you go for live or fake plants, adding a little green always helps wash away the blues.

10. Replace lightbulbs and clean your lamps (and curtains).

More natural light. That’s something every space could always use. Take some time to clean your curtains, change out old, dull lightbulbs for fresh LED ones, and dust those lampshades.

10 DIY Projects You Can Finish in a Weekend,” McEnearney Associates

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