Renting vs. buying – Which one’s right for you?

The topic of real estate and homeowners seems to constantly be a subject of discussion, especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic as we find ourselves in our homes more than ever and realizing if our current accommodations are working for our new normals of serving as offices and classrooms.

The purchase of a house is the largest transaction most people will ever make. Such a big and expensive decision can feel like drinking from a fire hose in terms of the amount of information available. Where do you even start? When is transitioning from renting to buying a good decision? And how much does it really cost? Here are six things to consider when evaluating if jumping into the real estate market as a buyer makes sense for you.

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10 DIY projects you can finish in a weekend

As our time at home continues, we’re in our spaces more than ever, and some might be looking a bit dull or in need of a breath of new life. Without having to travel too much for supplies, here are 10 easy projects you can accomplish this weekend.

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COVID-19’s impact on the regions market – Three myths & three truths

Image credit McEnearney Associates

We’re now more than two months into the region’s – and the nation’s – efforts to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone, in every walk of life, has been impacted in some way. The real estate market is no exception. We believe that an important part of what we do at McEnearney Associates is to provide accurate, timely information to our clients so they can make informed decisions, and we want to offer a candid view of some of the myths and the truths about the state of the market.

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