Winter prep from top to bottom

As the temperature drops and the weather outside is ever more frightful, be sure your home, townhome, or condo is ready to bear the winter force of Mother Nature. From freezing temperatures to snow and ice, winter weather can be harmful to your home and exceptionally costly. Prepping your home for the winter months seems almost daunting, but it will protect you and your investment. You might also find some energy saving tips helpful to put save some extra cash after holiday expenditures. You’ll have snow problem surviving winter with these tips to help protect your home, your car, and you, as the winter begins to come in full force.


Be ready for wherever your winter adventures take you! Keep in mind your vehicle’s basic car care needs – neglecting standard maintenance can be detrimental, especially during the winter months. Check your oil, the tread on your tires, wear on the wipers and test your battery. All of these can be done with a quick basic tune-up. For those without a garage, be sure you keep an ice scraper on hand in the house. All of us Washingtonians are all too familiar with the pains of stuck doors and layers of ice from freezing rain. And if you hear a storm is coming, don’t neglect your gas tank.


If you haven’t done so already, be sure to schedule an inspection of your heating system. The last thing you want is for it to act up during a cold spell, making you wait longer for a technician or costing you more in emergency service fees. The cold winter days will entice some of us to cozy up by the warmth of a fire. Schedule a chimney expert to come out to the house to inspect the chimney and vents. You want to ensure all is working properly, and avoid the possibility of carbon monoxide build-up. This applies to gas and oil as well. Be sure to check all of your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers!


Give your home the love it needs as we get ready for the next few months of snow. In the winter, clearing your gutters is important so water can flow freely to help prevent the formation of icicles. In addition, gutter protection systems such as LeafFilter can help prevent ice damming and roof damage.


Prevent the snow from making its way into the house by purchasing a boot tray, so you not only have your shoes by the front door, but you keep snow, ice, salt and sand from coming into the house. Also, add a small bench to sit on while putting on and taking off your snow gear.


To avoid a frozen outdoor pipe shut off the valves inside for your outdoor faucets, then open the spigots to drain any water that may be in the system. With snowy days, the buildup and melting of snow leads to moisture. Test your sump pump by pouring several gallons of water into the sump pit. You will want to make sure the pump turns on, to ensure a dry space.


“Don’t forget to bundle up!” How many times did you hear that as a kid? Well it’s as true today as it was back then. The cold air and drop in temperatures can be harmful to your health. And who wants to burn up all your sick days during the first month of the new year? The key to surviving the winter season is layers upon layers, and invest in waterproof outer layers for those ice storms and snowy days. We also have a few cozy home tips to keep you and your home warm and snug.


Insulating your windows helps the cold from coming in. Even something as simple as well taped plastic wrap can make a big difference in your heating bill. Remember to use your ceiling fan – it’s not just for the warmer months. Once you start running the heat in your home, go ahead and change the direction of ceiling fans to run the blades clockwise. The reverse motion of the blade will push down the heated air from the ceiling.


Snow and ice aren’t the only culprits of power outages in the winter – the Mid-Atlantic often sees high winds that cause lots of headaches. In addition to the smoke detector batteries, double check your flashlights to ensure they are working. A good practice is to keep one in your bedroom or by your front door so you know exactly where it is. Keep some candles and board games on hand to stay entertained with friends and family as you bunker down and wait for power to be restored. Those of you with gas stoves might even be able to make some hot chocolate. If you do lose power, keep your fridges and freezes closed! While ice packs and coolers will help, dry ice is a great option if you know you’re bound to lose power during a blizzard. If your area is expected to lose power, remember to fill your gas tank!

—McEnearney Associates, “Winter home prep from top to bottom”



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