What helps a home sell quickly?

You’re looking to sell your home and move on to the next place. You hear it’s a seller’s market, given the low inventory. What can you do to ensure it sells quickly? It’s actually quite simple: How a property looks, where it’s located and it’s price will determine its salability. A property must meet all three criteria to sell; if one of the three is off, it will not sell. That’s it.

  1. Appearance. Be sure your home is free of clutter and personal items. Can potential buyers navigate easily thru your home … does it flow? Could your space benefit from professional staging? Remove items off of the kitchen counters, take extra furniture pieces to storage units and minimize all the little items you have sitting on shelves. How does the outside (curb appeal) of the home look? Grab some fresh flowers and planters for either side of the front door. Weed the garden, power wash the walkway/front steps and brush the cobwebs out of the front door light.
  2. Location. Be sure to point out the ease of access from your home to major highways, metro stops or stations, nearby parks, community centers, schools, popular neighborhood/area activities, etc. Remember what drew you to buy the house — and point those items out to the next buyers.
  3. Price. You may have been caught up in a bidding war when you purchased the home, your home might not have appreciated by as much as you had hoped or there are a number of other homes for sale on your block … these factors and more can influence how you price your home. While every seller wants top dollar, pricing your home to recoup all of your investments in the home can cost you dearly. Instead, pricing your home competitively will allow it to sell quickly, and ultimately, minimize the length of time you have to keep paying the utilities, HOA/condo fees, etc. — which means more money in your pocket.

For information on how you can sell your home quickly or to develop a plan to put your home on the market, click here to contact me.

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