Guest Post: Spring cleaning tips from Rescue Me Cleaning

Rescue Me Cleaning co-owners Dawn and Geoff Crawley

Moving to Reston is interviewing members of the community who are a part of small businesses that serve the Reston area. Up next is Dawn Crawley of Rescue Me Cleaning (previously known as Champagne Services), a chemical-free, organic house cleaning company.

Spring is almost here, and soon pollen will be in full swing. Are you and your home ready? As professional eco-friendly cleaners, we know how to deep clean your home while casting off winter’s blanket of dust and dirt. Our professional spring cleanings are no ordinary cleanings!

Here are just some of the services Rescue Me Cleaning can do for your this spring:

Dust mites — Dust mites (tiny arachnids) can become pervasive if left unchecked. Because they feed on skin cells, they are often found in bedrooms and, especially, bed linens and other fabrics. It’s not easy to be completely rid of dust mites, but regular deep cleaning can keep their population (and impact which can include allergies) to a significant minimum.

We recommend frequent laundering of your bedding in very hot water. It’s critical to regularly wash mattress covers and all blankets, sheets, duvets, and pillows. Replace your pillows regularly. If anyone in your home has allergies or asthma, we recommend dust mite covers for all your pillows, mattress and box spring, as well as any feather duvets. Dust mites are attracted to down and feathers. It’s also important to regularly and thoroughly vacuum all upholstered furniture and fabrics such as curtains.

A professional mattress deep cleaning is part of keeping your mattress mite-free. This spring, we are offering a special for $25 for the first mattress, and the next three are at no charge.

Dust Removal — At least once a year, a professional should do a thorough dust removal in your home. We also suggest wiping down walls including wall hangings such as picture frames, light fixtures, blinds, and window wells. These annual, or ideally biannual, professional dust removals significantly more thorough than a routine cleaning.

We can do a professional and thorough dust removal in your home this spring. Contact our offices to set up an appointment for a no-obligation estimate.

Deep Cleaning — A chemical-free deep cleaning each spring (ideally in the fall as well) is highly advisable to maintain a healthy, fresh home. Deep cleanings tackle those areas which you don’t do on a regular basis such as oven cleaning, windows, grout cleaning, baseboards, cabinet fronts, just to name a few.

Our deep cleaning services will leave your home sparkling without using harsh chemicals or allergy causing ingredients. We know what to do and how to do it professionally. You can enjoy life while letting the professionals tackle this important spring task.

Contact our offices at 703-787-0300 or click here. As one of Reston’s most trusted professional residential cleaning services, we are proud to be a locally-owned, family business with more than 30 years of experience.

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