Around Reston: Meet Caliber Home Loans’ Scott Silverstein

Scott Silverstein, Caliber Home Loans

Moving to Reston is interviewing members of the community who are a part of small businesses that serve the Reston area. Next up is Scott Silverstein, a loan consultant with Caliber Home Loans.

Moving to Reston: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the mortgage business.

Scott Silverstein: My whole life has been about one thing — baseball. I grew up in Maryland and attended St. John’s College High School, driving an hour back and forth every day because it was the best baseball program in the area. Drafted out of high school by the Washington Nationals in the 32nd round, I decided it was best to move on to college. I then went on to play baseball at the University of Virginia where I pitched for five years and graduated with BA in American Studies and Masters in Education.

Battling injuries in my shoulder and coming back from two full labrum recoveries was a long road, but I had a dream in mind, and it was playing professional baseball. I was able to live that dream being a 25th round pick to the Toronto Blue Jays where I played for three seasons. I experienced elbow troubles and ended my career at the end of 2015.

At that point in my life, all I had known was baseball and did not know where to turn. I wanted a career that reflected the skills I had developed over a lifetime of playing a sport and overcoming incredible adversity. This led me directly to mortgage lending. I was given the opportunity to work for myself, sell myself and relate the skills I had learned in a life of competitive athletics at the highest level into a career. I found a company who reflected my competitive spirit and work in a thriving, ever changing environment that I am excited about.

Moving to Reston: What is the biggest misconception the public has about the mortgage industry?

Scott Silverstein: The biggest misconception people have about my industry is that mortgage lenders are these sleazy, money-hungry guys who swindle people into bad loans and are not out for clients best interest. This could not be further from the truth. I understand how big of a decision and life event buying a home can be, and I work to be an advisor to people as they walk the path from pre-approval to closing. Always keeping the clients best interest in mind, I make myself available virtually 24/7 to make sure clients have a sense of security the entire time.

Moving to Reston: How long have you been with Caliber Home Loans?

Scott Silverstein: I have been with my company about a year and a half. I have an incredible support staff that makes my job as easy as it can be. I look at my short time in the industry as an asset versus a negative. People will get a hungry, competitive loan officer who will fight for not only their business, but their best interest.

Moving to Reston: What sets Caliber apart from other mortgage companies?

Scott Silverstein: Caliber is a special company. We are the second biggest non-correspondent lender in the nation, which means we have the ability to do things most lenders can’t do. The fact we service the loans we write gives us tremendous flexibility for qualifications and timing. If Fannie and Freddie will do the loan, so will we. Because we don’t sell our loans to another bank, we have the ability to get things done in a matter of weeks versus the 45 day typical contract-to-closing period. We process, underwrite and close out of my office and keep everything in house. With $100 billion in our servicing portfolio, we are a major player in the mortgage space but still maintain the “boutique” small town feel.

Moving to Reston: Anything else?

Scott Silverstein: I fight for my clients and look out for their best interest to ensure smooth sailing through the process. Many people are intimidated by the mortgage process, but with a trusted loan officer, you have the guidance you will need for a headache-free transaction. Feel free to visit my website or give me a call anytime at 301-254-9547. I am always happy to answer questions about the mortgage process or anything involved in the home buying experience.

Click here for more information about Caliber Home Loans.

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