What veterans, active-military home buyers and sellers want


Veterans and active-service members made up 21 percent of all home buyers in 2015. We also learned this year that veterans move a median of 75 miles from the home they previously sold to their new home purchased, whereas that active-duty military most often purchase a home due to a job relocation.

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According to the 2016 Veterans and Active-Military Home Buyers and Sellers Profile …

  • Veterans and active-service military first looked online for properties
  • 17 percent of veterans 20 percent of active-service military contacted a real estate before doing anything else, more so than all buyers (14 percent)
  • Veterans and active-service military got their information from real estate agents more than any other source
  • Veterans were also slightly more likely to find the home they purchased directly from an agent at 38 percent, compared to 33 percent of all buyers.
  • For veterans and active-service military alike, finding the right property was the most difficult step in the process.
  • 85 percent of veterans and 86 percent of active service members purchased their home through a real estate agent.
    • More so than all buyers, veterans wanted help from an agent to determine what comparable homes were selling for in the area and active-service members wanted help to learn more about the neighborhoods.
  • 89 percent of veterans and 90 percent of active-service members were satisfied with the home buying process
  • 87 percent of veterans and 85 percent of active-service members would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others

— Amanda Riggs, “Home Search Process for Veterans and Active-Service Members,” July 1, 2016

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