Around Reston: Meet Mvix’s Director of Business Development Mike Kilian

MVIX Director of Business Development Mike Kilian. Photo credit MVIX.

Moving to Reston is interviewing members of the community who are a part of small businesses that serve the Reston area.

Meet Mike Kilian, the Director of Business Development for Mvix, a leading provider of turnkey digital signage, video wall, and interactive kiosk solutions with enterprise content management systems (CMS). Mvix is a member of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce.

Moving to Reston: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the digital signage business.

Mike Kilian: Like most millennials, technology is basically baked into my DNA. I’ve always had a special interest in how it affects the business-employee-customer relationship and that’s how I got into digital signage.

Digital signage is a smart visual communication solution that empowers companies to engage with their audiences — be it employees or customers — improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

In the four years that I’ve been with Mvix, I have seen digital signage grow to be on the cutting edge of customer and brand engagement, revolutionizing how businesses communicate with their employees and customers.

Moving to Reston: What is the biggest misconception the public has about the digital signage industry?

Mike Kilian: That digital signage is for geeks and gurus only. The technology provides businesses with unlimited options for communication, so it’s natural to assume that something so dynamic and flexible is prohibitively complex.

That’s actually not the case. If you’re comfortable managing your Amazon Fire TV or Roku, you’ll have no trouble navigating most digital signage platforms. Most solutions today are cloud-based, eliminating the need to download applications/software that have limits on flexibility and management. Better solutions include apps and widgets that automatically create and display content on digital screens. So unless you require a highly customized implementation, digital signage is quite simple.

Moving to Reston: What value do you add to a digital signage project? In what areas do you specialize?

Mike Kilian: Communication today is about visualization and live data, and we design our digital signage solutions around these two concepts.

Our solutions are integrated with applications such as social media, RSS/MRSS feeds, Google Docs, YouTube, weather, Google/Outlook calendars, live traffic and more, to display live, dynamic information on digital screens. Creative tools built into the solution allow users to add logos, brand colors and images, animations, customize font etc. to personalize the display and promote brand awareness.

When displayed alongside business and marketing messages, such relevant live data will draw and keep attention on the screens.

I always tell my clients that their customers and/or employees interact with the content on the screens, and not the screens themselves. So our focus on content more so than the technology future proofs the success of digital signage projects. With our content-rich solutions, companies are able to consistently engage with their audience by displaying relevant content.    

Moving to Reston: What product is your best seller?

Mike Kilian: Video walls are our most popular solution. They are more prominent and eye-catching with superior picture performance. The visual impact of a video wall is bigger than that of a single display, especially for high traffic areas such as information desks, reception areas, etc.

They also have a lot of digital real estate, meaning that because of their size, you can display a lot more detailed content without the display looking crowded.

Video walls also have more creative options for displaying content; a single piece of content, e.g. logo, can be scaled to full screen then switch to each display showing different images; animations can jump from one display to another; multiple social media feeds can be displayed simultaneously on different displays.

Video walls also offer a more immersive experience than a single display. They invite you to play. Because we spend a lot of time looking at small-screen devices, it’s very thrilling to encounter a screen so large you feel like you’ve almost entered it.

They are also architecturally more creative than a single display. A multitude of looks can be created with portrait or landscape displays, multi-level tiles, mosaic layouts, etc.

Moving to Reston: If there’s one thing everyone should know about Mvix, it is …

Mike Kilian: When customers describe Mvix, they speak in superlatives. That’s because we have the end-to-end resources needed to develop, customize, and manage a digital signage project. We are able to educate our clients about digital signage and tailor our solutions for the client rather than push the client into a product mold.

For more information about Mvix, click here

About Mvix

Founded in 2005, Mvix is a leader in turnkey digital signage, video wall and interactive kiosk solutions with enterprise content management systems (CMS). Their smart visual communications solutions empower companies to engage with their audiences, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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