is relaunching Sept. 12

When I started this blog in January, it was my hope that it would evolve into a resource for those moving to the Reston area — in terms of housing information, community news and new development, events, real estate advice and more.

Since then, I am humbled to say that my business has taken off and left me with less time than I’d imaged to dedicate to this blog. So, for the next two weeks I will be writing fervously, putting together the posts I’ve always wanted to have, curating information about the area and really re-starting this blog and launching it to be what I wanted in the first place.

In the weeks and months ahead, you’ll see more posts from local small business owners who serve the Reston area, gain a better insight as to what national real estate news means on a local level and learn more about what lies ahead for our ever-growing neighborhoods. I hope you’ll share these posts with others and provide me feedback about what else you’d like to see.

I’ll see you in two weeks!


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