Around Reston: Meet Geoff Crawley of Champagne Services

Champagne Services co-owners Dawn and Geoff Crawley

Editor’s note: Champagne Services changed its name to Rescue Me Cleaning in March 2017. 

Moving to Reston is interviewing members of the community who are a part of small businesses that serve the Reston area. Up next is Geoff Crawley of Champagne Services, a chemical-free, organic house cleaning company. Champagne Services is a member of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce.

Moving to Reston: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the cleaning business.

Geoff Crawley: My background is in sales management. Since I have no actual skills, I figured I could just tell other people what to do.

I’ve had a widely varying career in management, retail, airlines, pest control and housecleaning. I got into the housecleaning business in 1997 when the prior owner of Champagne Services approached me about coming to work with him. I worked with him for a while, left and came back twice, and came back again in July of 2014 with no intention of staying longer than a year or so. Six months later, I ended up buying the business.

“Helping people is very important to us, so we are happy to be able to clean homes at no charge for women with breast cancer going through active chemotherapy.”
—Geoff Crawley, Champagne Services

Moving to Reston: What is the biggest misconception the public has about the cleaning business?

Geoff Crawley: That anybody can do it. Sure, most people know how to clean. But to do it in an organized, professional way, day-in and day-out is a different story. I know how to change my own oil, but a mechanic is more suited to do it because that’s all he or she does every day. We are professionals at what we do. Our cleaners undergo a full training and certification program. Not just anybody can clean houses well for a living. 

Moving to Reston: How long have you been with Champagne Services?

Geoff Crawley: Off and on since 1997. I started in 1997 and left in 2003, came back in 2008, left in 2009, and came back for good in 2014.

Moving to Reston: What sets Champagne apart from other cleaning companies? If there’s one thing everyone should know about Champagne, it is …?

Geoff Crawley: Our focus is on quality, not price. If you are looking for the cheapest company, that is not us. If you are looking for the best company, that is who we are. We don’t use teams after the initial cleaning (except on request), we use individuals. We like to have one person clean the house, and we like for it to be the same person every time. There is a much higher sense of accountability when an individual cleans the house because there is no confusion about what has gotten done. It’s like having an only child; you can’t blame something on someone who isn’t there. And when they do an exceptional job, which, frankly, we expect every time, they get all the credit as well. 

Moving to Reston: Anything else? 

Geoff Crawley: Helping people is very important to us, so we are happy to be able to clean homes at no charge for women with breast cancer going through active chemotherapy. We also work with the National Capital Lyme Disease Association, as well as reaching out to the National Association for Suicide Prevention. We are also very proud of the fact that we have several employees that have been with us for more than 10 years and that we have very low turnover of both customers and employees. We are thrilled to be a part of Reston!

 For more information about Champagne Services, click here or call 703-787-0300.

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