Family Splash on Friday at RCC, Fairfax Co. “Discovery Trail” Map Guide

Local Real Estate News

  • Less than 15 percent of new rentals built in D.C. since 2014 were affordable (via Curbed DC)
  • Quiz: Where in D.C. should you buy your first home? (via Curbed DC)
  • File this under the #nicetodream category: The driveway is becoming the main event — some boast their own roadside attractions, extensive landscaping and even a pro race track. (via WSJ)
  • In that same file: A shortage of developed land is driving up lot prices in affluent areas like Beverly Hills, Southampton, Miami and Chicago. (via WSJ)

Upcoming Local Events

  • Reston Community Center (RCC) will host a Family Splash from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, July 29, at RCC – Hunter Woods (2310 Colts Neck Road). Drop in for a night of family fun.The entry fee is $13 RA/$26 non-RA (for groups up to five people). Groups of six or more must pre-register by calling the Aquatics Service Desk at 703-390-6150.
  • Codeducate comes to Reston Regional Library (11925 Bowman Towne Drive) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 30. Have fun learning how to code in two sessions. Bring your computer and let the summer-coding begin. For ages 10-18. Free.
  • The Home Depot in Reston will host a kids’ workshop from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Aug. 6. You and your child can build a rolling skateboard pencil case just in time for back to school. All kids get to keep their craft, receive a FREE certificate of achievement, a Workshop Apron and a commemorative pin while supplies last. Sign up here.

Image credit McEnearney Associates

Tis the season for a memorable adventure! And we’ve got just the thing for you and your summer-loving kids to enjoy: Fairfax County parks and the Park Authority worked together to create an awesome Discovery Trail Map guide, featuring “12 distinctive sites that give children ages 17 and younger the chance to discover each site’s unique features,” and collect a stamp to prove it!

It’s always wonderful when you can offer young people more than TV and video games during the summer months. This activity takes the average adventure and kicks it up a notch by offering a prize package that includes a free admission for: mini-golf, carousel, tour boat, train, pedal boat, camping, wagon ride, boat rental and RECenters. Each participant is also entered in a drawing for one of three bikes. The prize is valued at $93, but the thought of getting your child, tween and teen off the couch and out into the world is definitely priceless.

Sites on the discovery trail include Frying Pan Farm Park, Huntley Meadows Park, Green Spring Gardens and Riverbend Park. Some uniquely D.C. history – Frying Pan Farm Park, up until 2005, was the spot where the lucky presidential-pardoned turkeys were relocated to and stayed for the rest of their lives.

The natural beauty of Huntley Meadows Park stuck out for President Theodore Roosevelt, who was a long-time naturalist. Hiking and birdwatching really appealed to him, and it was the inspiration for him to establish several new national parks in an effort to preserve the country’s natural resources.

A hardcore history buff might enjoy the gardens at Green Spring Gardens and be reminded of the victory gardens planted during World War I and World War ll. Victory gardens were essential to getting folks nutritious foods during the times when food shortages were overwhelming. By 1944, an estimated 20 million victory gardens  produced more than 40 percent of all the fresh veggies and fruits consumed here in the United States.

“The British are coming” took on real meaning for President James Madison, who had to flee them after they invaded Washington, D.C., and set many public buildings — including the White House–ablaze during the War of 1812. Madison crossed the Potomac River at Conn’s Ferry on August 26, 1814, after spending the night in the woods. Where he crossed is now known as Riverbend Park.

History enthusiasts will have a field day with this project, and so will you, most likely, as you help guide the kids from site to site. Download the guide now and give your kids more than summer TV and Pokemon Go to discuss with friends once back-to-school-time is upon us.

—McEnearney Associates, “Trail map leads to fun outside the box this summer”

Did I miss an event happening today? Know about something coming up? Have a real estate question? Let me know in the comments below. 

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