Stage like a pro

Photo credit McEnearney Associates

Good for any homeowner, staging can minimize a flaw, expand your space, or highlight the focal point of a room. Have you ever wanted your home to look like the pages of a magazine? Take some of the following tips into consideration and before you know it, you will be staging like a pro!

Group your colors. Pick a color or two from the room and then search the house for similar colored items. You can add some accent pieces of contrasting color and height, but our eyes see color first, so color grouping an assembly of items on a table top is the easiest way to make a room feel complete. Try to keep your decor limited to three colors per room.

Keep larger items lower. If you’re staging shelves, be sure to keep small decor items on the top and larger items lower. Stylists often use a stack of large books or oversized baskets, which are ideal to add storage and help declutter. Throw pillows or folded throws are also visually pleasing for shelves nearest the floor.

Take one away. See four things, take one away. The rule of thumb when styling is to always keep decor to a minimum, and odd quantities are always more visually appealing. You can also see a drastic change when moving countertop appliances to the pantry or cabinets. Constantly taking away objects is an easy way to keep your home looking more like a magazine.

Mix throw pillows. Add throw pillows into your design mix. A variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and textures can add warmth, color and dimension to sofas and chairs. This is also the perfect way to add a pop of color to any room or personality and life to neutral tones.

Use white towels. You will be amazed how simply you can turn any bathroom into a luxurious spa escape with a fresh, new stack of fluffy white towels.

Add decorative trays. Designers love to use trays to arrange loose items or stage a scene. Trays are also a great way to declutter bathroom counter space. Easily create design by collecting bathroom necessities, such as lotions, perfumes and tissues, and display them together on a decorative tray.

—McEnearney Associates, “Stage like a pro”

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