Around Reston: Meet Open Blooms Director of Sales Linda Kasulis

Kasulis, Linda
Linda Kasulis, Open Blooms

Moving to Reston is interviewing members of the community who are a part of small businesses that serve the Reston area. In honor of Valentine’s Day, first up is Linda Kasulis, Director of Sales for Open Blooms, a flower company that recently opened a warehouse in Chantilly. Open Blooms is a member of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Moving to Reston: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the floral business.

Linda Kasulis: I grew up in a family that grew flowers in their gardens, and I always enjoyed them. The day I turned 16, I started to work in a flower shop in the town I lived in in New Jersey. After college, I went to floral design school then moved to Dallas and worked for a flower shop that provided flowers for the TV show “DALLAS,” which was exciting to say the least.

“Most people think working with flowers is very easy. Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, but you work long hours standing on your feet, especially during holidays.”
—Linda Kasulis, Open Blooms

Moving to RestonWhat is the biggest misconception the public has about flowers?

Linda Kasulis: Most people think working with flowers is very easy. Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, but you work long hours standing on your feet, especially during holidays.

Moving to RestonHow long have you been with Open Blooms?

Linda Kasulis: I have been with Open Blooms since it first opened in November 2015, but have worked for the owner previously when he owned a flower shop in a retail location. Open Blooms is located in an 11,000 square foot warehouse in Chantilly, Va. where we import flowers direct from the growers, allowing us to deliver a fresh product at a great value to our clients in the D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs seven days a week!

Moving to RestonWhat sets Open Blooms apart from other floral companies? If there’s one thing everyone should know about Open Blooms, it is …?

Linda Kasulis: Open Blooms is like working with your extended family. We are a great team of people most of whom have worked together at some point in the past. However, this feeling of camaraderie comes from the top — our boss works side-by-side with us; he is first to arrive and last to leave, especially on those long days we all put in before a holiday.

Moving to RestonAnything else?

Linda Kasulis: As a member of seven local Chamber of Commerces, Open Blooms is not only dedicated to its community, but is actively engaged in giving back to those who serve by donating time and flowers to local first responders and military events, senior centers and schools.

For more information about Open Blooms, go to or call 703-754-1200. 

In an effort for local small businesses to support one another, Open Blooms is offering Moving to Reston readers $15 off your next order. Enter promotion code REALTOR at checkout. Valid for one-time use only. Expires Dec. 31, 2016. 

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